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The letters Rx

We are a Frankfurt-based healthcare agency with a special focus: marketing for ethical medicines (Rx), the premier discipline in the healthcare business, is one of our creative agency’s core competencies. However, we marshal this highly specialized knowledge to tremendous effect in other segments, too: OTC, medical devices, veterinary medicine, dental and more.

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Integrated, tailor-made solutions

There’s a temptation to sort our skills into little boxes: advertising, PR, medical education and digital. But we prefer to think outside the box – and think more about what solution would be best for you. And then integrate it seamlessly with the rest of your communications mix. Other people call that a connected customer experience. We just call it quality work.

The letters Rx being built

Challenging target groups? We’ve seen them all.

The sheer variety of stakeholders in healthcare marketing is growing. From specialist physicians to patients to scientists to bureaucrats – we have experience communicating with target groups on the other side of the general practitioner. We know what makes them tick and how to reach them. Another way to put it: We have really good connections. Ask us for details.

The letters Rx through a magnifying glass

We even read the fine print in studies.

Our willingness and ability to dive headfirst into the scientific details is what separates us from many other agencies. Our medical advisors have doctoral degrees and so can talk to your medical researchers as equals. Together, we will distill the data into the perfect starting point for your communications approach.

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Messages with an impact

We don’t just understand the science behind your product; we know how to translate it into a powerful campaign as well. Our many Comprix Awards will attest that our work is highly creative in addition to being scientifically sound. And you can see from our GWA Healthcare Awards that our campaigns don’t just look extraordinarily good but are extraordinarily effective, too. 

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We support new challenges.

The healthcare industry is transforming. Treatments are growing more personalized and networked; digitalization harbors opportunities and challenges. We will analyze and organize your communication needs and find just the right experts for your project in our well-positioned worldwide network.

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From knowledge to action

Our work changes attitudes and disrupts entrenched routines. Innovative therapies thus reach patients sooner and new methods are adopted more widely. And that’s something we’re proud of.