Britta Kaiser

Britta’s keen eye is the first one to screen every new application – always looking for the right applicant who has the resume and attitude that the team needs. A trained microbiologist, she sat across from Roger around 25 years ago in her own job interview – and has overseen the agency’s PR activities ever since. She also is responsible for training new hires in addition to selecting them.

Britta walks the five flights of stairs up to the agency every single morning. Once there, she appreciates interacting with the team. “Despite the long commute, I love working at the office. I like real meetings with real people.”

And how does she work from home when it’s unavoidable? While looking out into the yard. “The room I work in is tiny. But it has a large window with a sprawling shrub rose in front that I enjoy looking at.”

  • Image Britta Kaiser
Talent Manager