Mareike Weingarten, PhD.

How do tumors manage to hide from our body’s immune system? How can viruses be used as “gene ferries”? Mareike knows how to explain these questions in an exciting but still easy-to-understand way. This universally liked biologist obtained her doctorate in immunology at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) and then started her agency career. “What I love the most here is the team spirit – and the good coffeemaker.”

Mareike is a dab hand at constantly learning about new fields since her technical expertise is highly sought-after for many budgets. Coworkers also appreciate her easygoing, friendly nature. In fact, the only area where she doesn’t shine is in the contest for the agency’s cleanest desk.

How is she working during the coronavirus period? With company. “Generally in my bedroom, where my husband works at times or my two little girls love to bop around.”

  • Image Mareike Weingarten
Medical Director