Petra Stastna

Petra spends most of her workday focusing on Excel spreadsheets at the computer. Next to her usually sits an old, leaky but beloved pot of green tea with lemon – the fuel that powers this generally cheery accountant and trained economist. However, under her friendly exterior lies a hard steel core that usually only appears during contract negotiations. She says, “The great thing about VMLY&Rx is that personal touch: We’re highly professional and efficient, but everyone values trust and supporting another other more than their own personal ambitions.” Outside of work, Petra relaxes by hiking in the woods, doing yoga in the evening and painting on the weekend.

How is she working in the virus-driven diaspora? Mindfully. “My home office has big windows and a panoramic view of the yard. When I’m thinking or want to take a mental break, I watch the birds flitting around in our yard, the squirrels collecting acorns or the cats stalking prey. One of our cats is usually nearby.”

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Finance Director